Ready to open your own successful mobile retail store?

Are yoU ready to leave your 9-5 job?

Do you dream of building a cool brand?

DOES a life of freedom and independence sound amazing?

8 Weeks to Mobile Retail Mastery is your opportunity to succeed in an innovative retail model!

The goal of Mobile Retail Mastery is to support you in finally starting the retail business and life of your dreams.

This is an eight week live group course designed by the top three mobile retail industry experts, Stacey Steffe & Jeanine Romo of Le Fashion Truck, and Emily Benson of The Fashion Truck.

All three women went from worrying if mobile retail was a risk they wanted to take… to having mega-success financially and personally.

Before all of the success, came the struggle and worry about what would happen if they made the investment in a new retail idea.

Perhaps you can relate…

We wanted to do something innovative-- cool and fun-- but couldn’t figure out how to make the big leap and what all the pieces and parts looked like.


Maybe you feel the same way? The idea of opening a retail store is overwhelming, but making it mobile is just that much more stressful.

But believe us: You too can open a crazy successful mobile retail business!

We’ll show you exactly how.

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We’re just normal women who had the guts to take a chance.


Stacey & Jeanine started out as booth vendors at markets around Los Angeles, selling their handmade jewelry & vintage fashions, and decided to go bigger-- opening Le Fashion Truck in 2011. LA embraced their adorable pink truck and with their success they formed the American Mobile Retail Association- the go-to resource for all things mobile retail. They’ve consulted with hundreds of startups lobbied for the rights of mobile retailers on a local and statewide level, and been featured in just about every article published about mobile retail.

Emily worked as a merchant in corporate retail, until she got laid off and decided to pursue her dream of opening a boutique. The Fashion Truck, also opened in 2011, was an instant hit in Boston. Emily made six figures her first year on the road, showing everyone that yes- you can make a ton of money selling clothes out of the back of a truck. In 2013, after winning awards and being featured in countless media outlets, she expanded to a brick and mortar store and decided to share her knowledge in writing and publishing a five-star rated book “The Ultimate Boutique Handbook” in 2014.

We heard the “no’s”, the “we just don’t understand’s” and struggled through dealing with a business model no one had heard of or wanted to support.

It was rough. And we had to figure things out all on our own.

Until we realized we had each other.

Because Stacey and Jeanine formed the Association, Emily was able to reach out and team up to learn from each other-- help each other grow bigger, better and faster.

It wasn’t until we realized that reaching out for help that everything shifted.

We went from being alone in a new industry, to working together to build a cross country network of support and successful businesses!


Making money in your mobile retail business doesn’t have to be a struggle. All you need is the right tools, mindset and support to make it happen.

What would it feel like to…

  • Leave your 9-5 job to pursue your retail passion?

  • Wake up every day knowing you have a job you absolutely LOVE and cannot wait to start working in?

  • Take time off with your spouse or kids, knowing you didn’t need to submit a request?

  • Indulge in shopping for gorgeous items-- for your shop--- once or twice a week?

  • Finally have something to call your own, a business that you started and built with your own two hands and intelligence?

  • Make women happy every single day, through the retail therapy they need on your truck?

  • Inspire other women to start a business after seeing your entrepreneurial joy?

If we can do it, you can too!

The mobile retail industry is GROWING and it’s an AMAZING way to start a business!

We’ve been in your shoes, wanting to open but confused by the process.

After 10 years in business, we have it all figured out and have built mobile retail businesses on both coasts of the USA that MAKE MONEY and are FUN to operate!

And now we want to teach YOU how to run a successful mobile retail biz-- whether it’s clothes, flowers, home decor or kids items-- this business model is made for anything you’d like to sell!

This is for YOU!! (And it’s still even for you if you’ve started your business and are struggling to make enough money!)

8 Weekly Live Instruction Webinars and Q&A with Stacey, Jeanine and Emily

  • Each Tuesday from 8pmEST/5pmPST- 9:30pmEST/6:30pmPST one expert will be live on a webinar you call in to. The Live Webinars will be 30-45 minutes of instruction on the topics of the week and then a 45 minute to 1 hour Q&A session. All webinars will be recorded and will be emailed to you after the event is over.

  • Each week you’ll get a fresh perspective and direct answers to whatever you have on your mind to help you more forward faster and more efficiently.

  • The best part of this webinar is getting to interact directly from the experts!

8 Extensive Course Modules

  • Each Sunday we'll email you an extensive workbook on that week's topic with pages and pages of content-- including templates, checklists and resources-- all your business planning questions in one place!

  • Access to our best resources to help you get the most out of this course without having to look anywhere else for the help you need.

Access to our Network of Experts

  • You’ll get special access to the best of the best, whether it’s in legal, e-commerce, social media, Facebook advertising, insurance, credit card processing and so many more.

Bonus Resources and Materials

  • We’ve helped so many businesses in startup and operation phase to help them succeed, that we have resources and knowledge that we’ll give you as bonuses throughout the course.

June 19th | Week 1: Success & Money Mindset presented by Emily Benson

  • Create the life & business you desire

  • Re-program your brain for success

  • Learn to set goals and visualize your incredible new life

June 26th | Week 2: Develop Your Mobile Retail Business Plan presented by Jeanine Romo

  • Registering your business

  • Write a clear, concise and specific business plan

  • Understanding the permitting process

July 3rd | Week 3: Brand Yourself Beautiful presented by Stacey Steffe

  • Create a beautiful brand that people want to shop with

  • Get your logo and website looking tip-top & professional

  • Be visible and wonderful on social media

July 10th | Week 4: Get Rolling presented by Jeanine Romo

  • What vehicle will you choose? A truck, trailer, bus... we'll help you sort it out!

  • Find a vehicle, mechanic and proper insurance

  • Need Electricity? No problem. 

July 17th | Week 5: Designing Your Shop presented by Emily Benson and Jeanine Romo

  • Create an Interior layout that flows and is shoppable

  • Brand your Exterior so you catch the attention of your ideal client

  • Develop a design that requires little set up for maximum efficiency

July 24th | Week 6: Making Money with your Inventory presented by Emily Benson

  • Where, how and when to purchase inventory

  • How to make your inventory make you maximum money

  • Taking payments and tracking inventory

July 31st | Week 7: Developing the Perfect Schedule presented by Stacey Steffe

  • Where will you park to create consistent income?

  • How to park on any kind of property

  • Utilizing your network to build your parking schedule

August 7th | Week 8: Up and Rolling! presented by Stacey Steffe, Jeanine Romo and Emily Benson

  • Get set up for success in your daily/weekly/monthly operation

  • Tracking cash flow to maximize profitability

  • How to handle difficult permitting/parking situations

The investment for the VIP program is $1247.


The investment for the program is $697.


Registration has ended for the 8-week Program. You can purchase individual live courses and recordings here!

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Our exclusive VIP experience includes personalized coaching with Stacey, Jeanine and Emily. You'll get unparalleled attention in catapulting you toward your successful business launch.

You'll get all of the Live Program materials PLUS:

  • 8 Weekly 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls with the expert of your choice (limited spots with each expert)

  • Website Review/Marketing Makeover

  • Access to our favorite, trusted vendors list

  • Unlimited email access to your expert with 24 hour turn around time M-F business hours

Please note, there are extremely limited spaces available for the VIP option, and it's first come first serve. Learn more about the experts here.

Just want to know how to craft the perfect money making schedule? Or maybe you just need help designing the interior and exterior of your vehicle? We've got you covered. We know you're all at different stages of start-up and in operation and you need help with specific topics so... 

Our Mobile Retail Mastery Program will now have the option to purchase individual course weeks! 

Get the value of our webinars and workbooks for exactly what you need and only what you need. Sign up here!


> I’ve already started my mobile retail business, would I still benefit from this program?

Yes! Of course! If you feel you are struggling in your business, not making the money you think you should be- this is your opportunity to take it to the next level. We are going to give you the exact steps to catapult your business from “just ok” to profitable! If you don't need the whole course, we are offering individual webinars for $97 each!

> I just have an idea for a mobile retail business, or are just in the starting stages of writing my business plan- can I take this program?

Oh heck yes! There’s no reason for you to have to deal with the struggles of searching for information online and crowdsourcing opinions in Facebook groups. This course is all the information you need at the beginning to build that foundation and momentum towards your dream of owning a successful mobile retail business!

> I want to open a flower truck, home decor airstream or bus-turned record shop- is this course just about fashion trucks?

This course is absolutely for you! Retail is a huge industry that encompasses everything from bedding to pet supplies and fashion to flowers. The fundamental principles of buying and selling are exactly the same and we’re here to support whatever type of retail business you’d like to turn mobile.

> What’s included in the weekly course material?

  • Weekly workbooks and guides - including templates, checklists and worksheets

  • Guest experts trainings

  • And tons of bonuses!

> What additional investments will I need to be making in order to start my mobile retail business?

We started our businesses with without any help. Looking back on that struggle, it certainly wasn’t the ideal way to start a business. We spent hours of time figuring everything out on our own since the industry was brand new. You don’t have to do that and that’s exactly why we’ve created this program--- because we know that the support you’ll get is invaluable and the investment in the course, is worth the returns in revenue you’ll inevitably have in your business. If you are just starting out, you’ll most likely need money to invest in your truck and inventory, and making all the right choices for those investments would be a huge part of the support you’d get over the 8 weeks.

> Why is the first week mindset work?

The mindset work is essential to your success as a business owner. We know how important it’s been to our massive success and we know it’s going to transform your life as well. Being in the retail industry will bring it’s ups and downs in sales, weather and customers and we want you to be ready to stand out from the crowd and keep your head up high.

> Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in 2 installments charged upon sign up, and then auto-billed 30 days later.

> Why would I want to sign up for the VIP option?

Why wouldn't you?! Who wouldn't want an expert who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the business they want to have on their side? Extra attention, support and accountability are what you'll get. Imagine having a business BFF to help you feel like you are winning every week-- that's the VIP experience!

> Am I guaranteed to make money?

As you could guess, there are no guarantees with programs like this, but our previous consulting clients have gotten great results working with us. What we are going to teach you is exactly what we did to go from idea to making consistent income in our mobile retail businesses. If you need a business plan--- this will literally walk you through each and every piece and part. Then, it’s up to you to put what we provide for you together with your own big ideas and turn your dream into a reality!

> Are there refunds for the course if I decide at any point I want to stop?

Because we believe so much in making a commitment to yourself, this course and your ultimate business, we do not offer refunds at any time, for any reason. We want to encourage you to take this course seriously, devoting 2-4 hours per week on the calls and with the modules. We know that the results you achieve are always worth the investment you make!

> When does the program start?

The course kicks off the week of June 19, 2016 and ends on August 13, 2016. But, you'll have lifetime access to the modules.

It all sounds pretty fantastic, right? So don't hesitate, sign up today and get immediate access to your Welcome Questionnaire and Orientation Packet.

We're waiting for you!

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